Thursday, September 17, 2015

Voodoo Shilton

Voodoo Shilton is a guitarist playing in the United States but he is greatly influenced by the tastes of his mother who was born in Chile.  He plays in Latin, Cuban, Africa styles and mostly he leans toward jazz songs such as covers of Chick Corea and Django Reinhardt along with his own originals. He is an excellent guitarist who can play very quickly but he can also play with great delicacy. Voodoo has won at least one artist award in Second Life for the quality of his performances.

The astute observer has probably already determined this is not Voodoo Shilton but magical things happen in Cat's Art MusikCircus.  The magic doesn't typically turn a man into a beautiful six-inch fairy flying around the circus tent so this must be Vala and thank you for being patient while I took the picture.

Voodoo Shilton started out with "Moroccan Blue" and it's an exotic style of jazz I've not heard from anyone else as his mix of instruments and his rhythms are his own.  In jazz you will usually hear a piano or possibly a Hammond B3 organ but that's not what Voodoo does as his synth will recall the sound of the Moody Blues more than it will a jazz band ... and yet it works.  There's mysticism coming from the synth because the sound is wonderfully spacious and against that he plays incredibly precise acoustic guitar.

Voodoo laughed when I said he is so precise and he said he makes mistakes all the time. Maybe so ... but just try and catch him. The amazement in Voodoo's play is that he is brilliantly fast but it's not baffle them with bullshit speed. Every note is clear and concise regardless of whether he plays faster than a Daytona racer or with immense delicacy in something soulful and reflective.

It was a delight to hear Voodoo playing again as there are lots of tough things happening in a great many lives and music is the salvation in how it can make tough things endurable.   It was a beautiful set and it's been some weeks since I have heard him so that made it all the sweeter to hear him now.

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