Friday, September 18, 2015

MusikCircus Status

Update is accurate as it comes from someone with direct contact with Cat and who has helped fix her computer in the past. I did not get the sense there will be a fix / repair coming quickly and it sounds like hardware.

In case you wonder at the lack of detail, lose the idea Germans type like Porsche engineers. They type just as badly as anyone else, they just do it in more languages.

Concerts at Cat's Art MusikCircus were canceled yesterday and there will be no performances today.  Hopefully the problem will be rectified quickly but meanwhile there's not much to do but wait.

The real solution is Cat needs a computer but we need to wait for now to find out for sure.

Any additional news will go out to you as soon as I know it.

Note also the :6800 stream does not work as Second Life cannot connect to it and neither can a connection be made via iTunes.  There will be an attempt to reach the provider to get it restarted, resolved, etc.  As of this minute, it does not work.  Any other stream will work fine at the MusikCircus.  :6800 is the default MusikCircus stream.

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