Thursday, September 17, 2015

Michi Renoir

Michi is an Austrian musician with an extensive history in music, most recently with the punk band, R√§umungalarm (Evacuation Alarm), but he is equally comfortable playing Stockhausen.  Michi isn't playing a punk set in Second Life but rather he plays a number of intricate synthesizer pieces with an extraordinary style.

Michi Renoir did not do the all-out jam show of the previous week and instead did his interpretation of Stockhausen.  This is the same man whose last RL gig was in a punk band.

While wearing a cowboy hat for Stockhausen might seem a little unusual anywhere else, this is the MusikCircus and it goes however you want.

I was a bit disappointed and leery of what might come when I heard Michi Renoir would not be doing a show like the one he did last week but, like I said, this is the MusikCircus where the performers are never told what to play.  What came was an extraordinary performance which went at times to atonal and then back at others to quite beautiful melodies.  The performance was highly-dramatic and very powerful.

Note that drama is not a bad thing, it's melodrama that's the stock in trade for 'drama queens,' etc.  Drama is a quite excellent thing, an exciting thing, and I definitely mean it as a compliment in describing Michi's performance.

As to what I personally prefer, I don't think it really matters all that much as what does matter in this reporting is what you prefer. For you to decide on whether you want to come to a show, I need to report accurately what I heard so you can make up your own mind.

However, don't expect Michi to be playing Stockhausen again next week as he said he will do a dance show for that one.  OK, so we go with it.  This is how it works at Cat's Art MusikCircus.

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