Friday, September 18, 2015

Joaquin Gustav

Joaquin is a guitarist from Argentina who specialises in a romantic Latin style that has been enchanting Second Life audiences for years.  He plays a variety of Latin songs and also includes Latin style versions of pop favorites.  His guitar playing is delicate but also quite fast and the result is an extremely beautiful presentation.

These days rocking something means anything from making a cup of coffee to going to the shopping mall but it rarely has anything to do with music so it's much better not to rock something and Joaquin Gustav definitely did not when he came back last night to Cat's Art MusikCircus.

Joaquin Gustav has been playing consistently beautiful and romantic sets ever since he started in Second Life six or seven years ago.  He's using tracks for some of his songs but he made them and then he plays over the top.  Or he plays without any accompaniment at all but everything comes over with a with a gentle delicacy.

Throughout the set he was waiting for the right moment to play "Happy Birthday" for Cat as celebrating a birthday over just one day is hardly enough, is it.  I love how Europeans celebrate Christmas over two days, Easter the same way, etc, so why not birthdays as well.  Argentina isn't exactly Europe but maybe they celebrate things this way as well.

At the end of the set, the moment was right and he did a Latin version of "Happy Birthday" that was charming. Happy Birthday, Cat.

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