Friday, September 18, 2015

Sonya Jevette

Sonya performs in and around Austin, Texas, and she sings a variety of original songs and covers.  She frequently covers songs by Adele but she also covers Chuck Berry.  She likes to accompany her singing on electric guitar and she plays her own lead.  She has a great sense of humor and a song the audience always enjoys is the "Big Girls" song in which she sings of the 'wobbly wobbly.'  She always invites ladies from the audience to dance with her during the song and, Daddy, you better treat them right.

Sonya Jevette came back to Cat's Art MusikCircus from Dallas, Texas, last night and she still has her hat but she sure didn't look like a Texas cowgirl.  If she is a Texas cowgirl then I imagine you're thinking about buying a horse just now.

Sonya gave a wonderful show last night and to her largest audience yet.  I saw Lyn Baphomet and I haven't seen her for years.  It's a really great thing to see people coming to find Sonya sings with such a gorgeous voice and how she makes her shows so much fun.  She really does play a Gibson ES-335 too and now she's got her drum / bass kit working so there's big beef behind her while she plays.

rula Rayna watched her from the high-wire platform!

It's always fun to see people enjoying the MusikCircus around the stage and the only admonition is if you're going to fall, please don't land on the artist.  There aren't many rules in the MusikCircus but that's one of them.

For the first time, I have the whole set list for Sonya's show last night: Call Me Sonya, Synchronicity, Hotel California, Two of Us, Big Girls, Johnny B Goode, Whenever You're Around, Shotgun

Sonya makes a very good mix of originals and covers but even her covers sound like originals in that "Hotel California" has a very different style from the original and her phrasing takes the song to a whole new place.  Most of her work is original and "Whenever You're Around" is Cat's song because it has such beautiful lyrics.  Whenever you're around, my feet never touch the ground.

If you like the set list, contact Sonya as Cat Boucher loves to help performers grow within Second Life and real life too.  She would love to hear of Sonya playing more shows. You can learn more about her music at Sonya Jevette's Web site and you can hear full-band arrangements of her songs, buy her CDs, and more.

Julie Juliesse's feet never came close to touching the ground from the trapeze

Julie's feet sure did touch the ground for the "Big Girls" song as that one is always a highlight and if Sonya gets tired of singing it, you sure can't tell it.

From left to right: Julie Juliesse, Sonya Jevette, Silas Scarborough

You may wonder where was Cat but she was watching. She doesn't go up onto the stage unless people are shy about dancing.

It's wonderful that so many new people came to the show last night but what tells you the most about a show is how many come back who have seen it before.

And Cat and I danced ... with a whole lot of other people:

I apologise for my reporting skills as I don't have all the names of the people but perhaps it's just as well as this wasn't all of them and it would be much better to thank everyone who came.

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