Thursday, September 17, 2015

Reis and Aldo

Reis Alter sings and Aldo Brizzi accompanies her with his synthesizers.  Both are marvelous musicians and Reis sings in a beautiful, ethereal style while Aldo plays anything from a relatively-soft backup to songs with extremely powerful arrangement and orchestration.  One might think this combination would not work well but the result is intriguing and mystical.

Last night was the Golden New Ears show by Reis Alter and Aldo Brizzi at Cat Boucher's Art MusikCircus and it was a surprise as they're going to be in Brasil for a month and we didn't think they would be able to perform again in Second Life after the show last week.  Last night they gave a wonderful Golden performance and there's another surprise as they will perform yet one more time next week before departing.

Here is a picture of Reis being all Golden on-stage with Aldo and his synthesizers beside her:

The marvel in their performance is that Reis sings with such delicacy while Aldo provides massive power through his synthesizers. The combination isn't something you would likely predict to work but it's marvelous to hear and creates a music unlike anything you have probably heard before. Reis is a marvelous singer and Aldo is an extremely talented synthesizer / computer artist. You can learn more about their music on Aldo Brizzi's Web site.

Something I realised is that I love it that they're married because you can feel that loving dynamic in their music and it makes me imagine what a wonderful thing it must be when they're creating music in their home.  The hills are alive with the sound of music and so must be their home.

I mention their marriage not to be precious but rather because it adds something tangible to their performance and I have no doubt you will feel it too.   It's not anything they say as I don't believe I've even heard them mention their marriage but I'm sure you will feel what it gives.

I'm not sure of dates but I do know that Reis and Aldo will be giving a performance at another venue and Medora will be appearing with them as she choreographs the show and dances with them.  I saw the three of them perform together at the MusikCircus and it was fantastic so I asked Cat if she would like to go to see them for this one.  She's not at all provincial about only seeing shows at her own venue so we will see that performance as well.

If you don't think Reis and Aldo will bring love to you then take a look at this one:

Cat and I are dancing and we were still dancing even after the show was over.  Neither of us were looking for love as she was looking for music and I was looking for cool places to play but love isn't something you bring to each other, rather it is something that finds you when you're ready for it.  Love found us and I'm most proud to announce that Cat is now my partner.  My friend Julie was laughing, saying you never even kissed her and, nope, I never did but love takes many forms and one just has to be open to it.

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