Thursday, September 17, 2015

Kristopher Walpole

Kristopher is a musician from the U.K. who plays and sings with great power and intensity. His lyrics are excellent and he has a marvelous voice for singing them.

Kristopher started out with some fairly sweet songs and I do confess to egging him on a little bit as artists always dig it when you already know something of their material.  I wasn't faking anything as I was asking for songs I had heard there that I thought the audience would enjoy.  The romantic songs went over fairly well but what really kicked up the set was after I requested "American Highway" which, I believe, is one of his originals.  I'm not taking credit for kicking up the set as he did that but I do confess to trying to steer it a bit.

When Kristopher went into "American Highway" he started delivering the punch that had originally drawn me to his music on SoundCloud and the audience was obviously responding to it.  My suggestion to him is to bag the cover songs and keep punching out originals like that.  They're powerful, exciting and a great pleasure to hear.

If you couldn't attend Kristopher Walpole's show, you can hear "American Highway" and other of his originals on SoundCloud.

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