Friday, September 18, 2015

Welcome to Cat's Art MusikCircus

Cat Boucher built the first circus in Second Life many years ago and she has been bringing live music to the virtual world for all that time.

Cat has a taste in music that leads to non-mainstream performances that push music out as far as artists can take it.  Highly specific to her vision is that artists should be free to take their music wherever they like, without any constraints.

Expect the unusual at the Cat's Art MusikCircus as where else can you climb onto a trapeze over the stage while the performer is making music below.  There are many circus attractions and the audience is always invited to try them.

A very big part of the vision of the MusikCircus venue is providing support for artists who might not otherwise receive it as they typically do not do many cover songs or use commercial backing tracks for their music.  The artists at the MusikCircus perform live in the truest sense of the word.


The fastest way to find any performer is to use the Index tab at the top.  It will make a list and you can pick from within it.

Each page is limited to two articles but it may be better with a single article per page as the ones for performers will almost certainly expand with whatever resources they may have put online (e.g. videos, audio files, etc).  This method has merit as people will likely find the artist in whom they're interested by going to the Index or the Blog Archive list in the sidebar.

The objective is to make information about the performers as fast and approachable as possible because the hope is this may help land them some gigs.

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