Thursday, September 17, 2015

Untolerable Bohemian

Untolerable Bohemian is a young man from Portugal and what he will play is unpredictable.  For now he is quite taken with doing cover songs but that doesn't at all mean he plays them anything like you ever heard on a CD.  If he's going to cover a song, he's going to do it in his own way.  Also, Untolerable doesn't grandstand in his guitar playing style.  He plays exactly what needs to be played and nothing more and he can be eloquent in the way he does it.

You've seen multiple reports I've written about Untolerable Bohemian's performances but this was, hands down, the best so far.  His electric guitar has been hovering in the background for some time and we did hear it recently ... but ... last night Untolerable came out to play.  For well over half an hour he was getting into one jam groove after the other and going off into explorations.  That may seem like he did a lot of tunes but that isn't what I mean.  Actually he did four or five pieces but all of them flowed with the same kind of exploratory vibe and it was excellent.

Introspection has been given a dirty name by social networks.  In fact, introspection is now synonymous with self-adoring / self-pitying crap but what it really means is something you already understand or you wouldn't be here.  Untolerable's play last night was highly introspective and it was fantastic.   This isn't about self-absorption but rather about opening a gateway to another world.

Singing is very important to Untolerable and I don't know how he will weave that into his original jams but that's a challenge before him as a musician and ours is to listen and enjoy.  For my part, I want to encourage as much as I possibly can what Untolerable was doing last night as I considered it some profoundly beautiful musicianship.

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