Friday, September 18, 2015

Laralette Lane

Laralette Lane is a German singer and solo acoustic / electric guitar artist streaming live from the Netherlands.  Lara plays and sings a variety of covers from John Denver, Billy Joel, Chris Isaac, The Cure, Green Day, R.E.M, and many others.  She has been playing guitar and singing for over 20 years now.

Lara is just as sweet and charming in disposition as she is in the picture and she has the most adorable giggle for just about anything.   She was thinking out loud of what she might play next and I said this is the circus, play whatever you want.  She replied that she always plays whatever she wants. Yes! That is exactly the right answer for the MusikCircus.

Lara sings with equal facility in Dutch, German, or English.  She sings cover songs and this wouldn't typically be a match for a performance at the Circus but it's the way she sings them and the ones she chooses which make the difference.  She has a beautiful voice and it is utterly charming.  Her choice of songs is unpredictable and last night she even sang "Lili Marlene."  It's a pretty song but still may seem an unusual choice so see above about Lara playing what she wants.  She did an excellent job of it.

Agleo had been trying to get to a show for several nights and she arrived last night but she did get there and here she is admiring Laralette's set:

Perhaps you ask why people perform in Second Life. Why, indeed.  Do unicorns come to your shows?

Agleo is April Turner on Facebook and she paints extraordinary works. She too is a charming lady and, assuming a progressive sense of art, you will almost certainly appreciate her work.

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