Thursday, September 17, 2015

Option Y

Left to right: Muskie, StubbyJack, Kithereal

Option Y plays in Providence, Rhode Island, and the band has three members: Muskie on guitar and synth, StubbyJack on guitar, and Kithereal on synth.  The played their debut set at Cat's Art MusikCircus and it was outstanding.

The picture doesn't reveal it but there's much more of a vocal component to their songs than you may guess.  Some of the songs are sung and others have a 'vocal component' which isn't a negative thing but it's not exactly four-part harmony either.  This band will go out to places you don't expect and that's exactly why Cat tries to find acts like this for the MusikCircus.

Good luck on characterizing the sound of Option Y as there's jazz, prog-rock, and call the combination fusion if you like but those are only words and band is beyond them.  The orchestration is rich and the bottom end would play just fine in a concert hall as those were thunder drums.  If you want to hear Allan Holdsworth in the band or Tony Banks playing keys then you will but the best vibe is when you take them as Option Y and go with that sound. Their songs are tight, engaging, and fascinating to follow.

Plus, did you ever see so many butterflies in your life!

I didn't do it and I don't know who did but that was one great stunt. There were butterflies everywhere!

This was when StubbyJack commented that releasing a bunch of butterflies in front of three cats in the middle of a set may not be your best plan.  Maybe I neglected to mention that all the members of the bands are cats and, sure, they're hep cat musicians but they are also really cats with all the whiskers and fascination for catching butterflies that entails.

Introducing Kithereal

Introducing Muskie

Introducing StubbyJack

And one more just because it's a good angle

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